Different kinds of Anemones

While anemones have common names like, carpet, leathery, or corkscrew, they also have proper Latin names to scientifically identify a specific genus and species. For example, Heteractis crispa, the leathery sea anemone. Or, Macrodactyla doreensis, the corkscrew anemone.  Clownfish host anemones are members of three different families.


Learn the clownfish host anemone Latin names next to their common names.


Frequently asked questions

Why doesn't the anemone eat the clownfish?

There are many theories, but it is clear that part of the answer is a thick mucous and biochemistry that help the clownfish by preventing a discharge of the anemone's nematocysts (barbs) and venom.

How many clownfish species are there?

Twenty-eight have been identified so far

Where to they live?

Primarily from Madagascar along Africa, up to the Red Sea in Egypt, across to India, Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and down to Australia and finally over to French Polynesia.

Do clownfish live in the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean?

No clownfish have been found in those oceans.

What do they eat?

Mostly plankton, small crustaceans and algae.

So do all anemones provide shelter for clownfish?

No. Actually, out of nearly 1,000 species of anemones, only 10 are known to allow clownfish to safely swim among their tentacles.